Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Rwanda Preface

10th September 2006

Hello Everyone;

I hope that you are all enjoying your Labour Day long weekend. I certainly am, although it is not so much a long-weekend for me in this part of the world.

First of all I should probably send my apologies for the long silence. Since my last email, my work in Zambia came to a stand still. The organization that I was partnered with, International Development Enterprises (IDE), had their funding suddenly cut and our field activities came to a standstill. For a few months the word was swaying back and forth between whether IDE would manage to find money elsewhere to continue their work. Unfortunately, it became clear that new money to continue the IDE field activities would not be available until after January of 2007. At that point in time, it was decided that my services would be better spent elsewhere, working with another partner organization on a different development project.

As you have probably noticed from the title of this email, I have just started work in Rwanda. I arrived 3 days ago to start working with the William J. Clinton Foundation on a new project called the Rural Development Initiative, a program that incorporates Education, Health Care, Water and Sanitation, and Agriculture. Although my role within the project is fairly flexible, I will be mainly focusing on working within agriculture (to build on the knowledge and experience that I have built up in Ghana and Zambia) and a little bit of water and sanitation.

I will be stationed in a small village in a place called Rwinkwavu, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, which is about 25 km away from the Tanzanian border. I will be coming to Kigali on a regular basis though for planning meetings and to pick up my mail.

Stay tuned for Rwanda Part 1.

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